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How Do Insurance Adjusters Handle Your Personal Injury Claim?

Well, you got rear-ended and totaled your car. The other driver was completely at fault. You dutifully do the ‘right thing’ by reporting the accident as a claim to the insurance company of the defendant. Naturally, you hear from an insurance adjuster from the company who treats you in a friendly and courteous manner. You are convinced that the adjuster has your best interests in mind. But is this really the case. If you ask your personal injury lawyer in Rocklin, he or she will tell you that this is far from true, and this article will explain why.

Insurance adjusters look after their own

Your personal injury lawyer will inform you that insurance adjusters look after their own. What this means is that the adjuster will have the best interests of his or her employer – the defendant’s insurance company in mind. The adjuster will be on a mission to award you the least amount of settlement money possible. Insurance companies want to trick you into thinking that insurance adjusters really care about you. They hire experienced professionals who are good at selling and customer service. These professionals will schmooze with you and convince you that they are ‘your best friend!’

The insurance adjuster is just doing his or her job

Don’t blame the insurance adjuster because he or she is simply doing his or her job. After all, he or she will get fired if he or she ends approving lots of hefty monetary settlements. Because insurance adjusters are professionals, they will review and examine all aspects of your case from a neutral and objective perspective. They will use certain formulas and charts to calculate what the law says you are entitled to in terms of a monetary settlement. They will interview you, the defendant, the police who filed the report, and anyone who is relevant to the case. This information will play a large role in determining the size of your final settlement. Insurance adjusters examine many tangible factors whose monetary value can be proven when deciding the final settlement amount to write you a check for. These include:

● Potential medical bills
● Lost wages
● Pain and suffering
● Emotional distress

You can outsmart an insurance adjuster

Insurance adjusters may be experienced professionals, but they are after all human. Remember Shakespeare’s famous quote, “to be human is to err!” You can outsmart the insurance adjuster provided you are familiar with the information discussed in this article. It also is crucial to hire a good personal injury lawyer who will help you craft and argue an iron solid and persuasive case in court!