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Slip and Fall

Slip and Fall Lawyer in Martinez, Rocklin, Lincoln & Santa Paula

Most people consider slip and fall injuries with seniors only during the cold and wet seasons. However, contrary to popular belief, anybody of any age can slip and fall, anytime of the year. Thus, whether it is on someone else’s property or at the sidewalk, if it is due to unkept or neglect of the premise, you or a loved one has been injured, BL Personal Injury Attorneys can be of assistance. Additionally, we can help when the property is not maintained and has identifiable hazardous conditions or signs of negligence on the property that deems it unsafe. We can help you file a claim, so that you get the required compensation and tide over the stressful times.

Liability for Your Injuries

If you reside in Rocklin, Martinez, Santa Paula, Lincoln and surrounding areas, the key to being successfully winning the compensation for a slip and fall case is by giving evidences to proving liability. To be able to prove your case, you need to provide proof that the injuries, you have sustained are due to the negligence of the defendant. Usually, in such cases, the owner of the property, where the accident occurred is the defendant. Our lawyers will look for the evidence and proofs that the negligence on the property led to the slip and fall accident.

The basis of winning compensation is based on the fact that you have to prove liability of the at-fault party by showing evidence of negligence. This will help you win maximum compensation for the claim.  As per the laws in California, the owner of the property is considered liable to maintain care so that property is considered safe for visitors and residents. As you are the plaintiff, we consider the burden of proof on us. Our team of BL Personal Injury Attorneys, understand how difficult it can be when you are trying to recover and worrying about the hassles of gathering evidence, proof and witness accounts. We will prove that the property owner failed to maintain reasonable care due to:

  • Property owner failed to maintain safe conditions which led to your accident
  • Property owner knew about the dangerous conditions but did not care about correcting the issues. This shows neglect and carelessness
  • The property owner should have known about the hazardous conditions on their premise

It is essential that we represent your claim such that the defendant cannot deny their negligence. Not only do we pool in all our resources, but each lawyer has the support of paralegals, law assistants and administrative staff as each case requires immense paperwork and documentation. In slip and fall cases in Rocklin, Martinez, Santa Paula, Lincoln, gathering of evidence is paramount for the judge and jury to rule in your favor. And that is our responsibility.

Why Work with BL Personal Injury Attorneys?

If you or a loved one has been injured in a slip and fall accident, due to the negligence of someone else, you need to be compensated for physical injuries and mental trauma. As our client, we’ll help through the complete process, by determining the merits of your case. Call us today to know more about services.