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Pedestrian Accidents

Pedestrian Accident Lawyer in Martinez, Rocklin, Lincoln & Santa Paula

Due to their vulnerability when traveling by down city streets, pedestrians suffer a disproportionate number of severe injuries and fatalities when they are struck by a motor vehicle.  National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) statistics for 2017 show that there were over 6,000 fatalities in pedestrian-involved accidents while another 85,000 individuals suffered injuries.  In personal injury law, pedestrian accidents oftentimes raise some extremely unique issues. In California, these types of accidents typically involve joggers or pedestrians who get:

  • Hit while in a parking lot
  • Sideswiped by a motor vehicle
  • Struck in a crosswalk
  • Struck while exiting a bus or car

In a significant number of pedestrian accident cases the BL Personal Injury Attorneys handles, fatalities are involved and the surviving family members come to us in order to recover damages for the deceased.  Unfortunately, there are numerous cases where the at-fault driver was inattentive and didn’t realize the pedestrian was in their path. This led to an accident and subsequent injuries, with required medical treatment and rehabilitation.

Why should You contact a Personal Injury Lawyer?

If you live in cities such as Rocklin, Martinez, Santa Paula, Lincoln, commuting on foot may be a fairly common occurrence.  If you don’t have a vehicle, there are a number of different public transportation venues available.  Unfortunately, pedestrians are at risk and there are hundreds of them who get injured or killed every year in California.  It’s important to note that a significant number of fatalities involve seniors – individuals who are 65 or older.

If you were recently struck by a negligent driver and sustained serious injuries, the BL Personal Injury Attorneys will be happy to explain your rights to you.  We’ll be happy to explain the options for financial compensation and recovering damages when you’ve injured in a pedestrian accident.  We’ll also explain:

  • How negligence is established in your case
  • The timeline for a personal injury lawsuit
  • How you can manage your medical bills throughout the legal process

Your personal injury lawyer will explain how they can help with your case, especially if a fair and reasonable settlement can’t be reached and your case has to be presented in front of a judge and jury.  Most importantly we’ll calculate what your case is worth and ensure that your rights to fair and reasonable compensation are protected. It is not just about keying in details in an online calculator but various aspects of the case are evaluated before we can come up with estimate on what you are entitled to win after a lawsuit.

Hiring an experienced personal injury lawyer gives you a better chance of getting the maximum compensation allowable by law.  To schedule a FREE consultation, please contact the BL Personal Injury Attorneys at your earliest convenience. Our lawyers are ever-willing to help you after a discussion of your case. Call us today!