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Product Liability

Product Liability Lawyer in Martinez, Rocklin, Lincoln & Santa Paula

Thousands of individuals every year are injured by dangerous or defective products that somehow find a place on retailer’s shelves despite today’s advanced manufacturing techniques and existing consumer protection laws.  Unfortunately, there are companies that still send products to market without caring about the threat posed to the consumer.  The BL Personal Injury Attorneys offers sound legal representation for individuals who’ve sustained injuries when using a dangerous or defective product.

Compensatory vs. Punitive Damages

“Damages” is the legal term that the injury victim or plaintiff receives as compensation.  There are two basic categories of damages, namely compensatory and punitive.  Since each state governs product liability laws, the type of damages and the amount you’re paid for them will vary based on the state you live in.  However, you’ll usually find that the two categories of damages mentioned above do not vary that much from one state to the next.

So how do compensatory damages differ from punitive damages? Compensatory damages are awarded to the plaintiff to restore the injury victim to the emotional, financial, and physical state they were in prior to using the defective product.  This is done by placing a dollar amount on the damages suffered by the plaintiff when they were injured by the product they were using.

This may include compensation for:

  • Cost of disability
  • Loss of consortium
  • Loss of earning potential
  • Lost income (past and future)
  • Medical expenses
  • Pain and suffering
  • Property loss and/or repair

Although compensatory damages are typically the only damages awarded in product liability cases, there are certain instances when a judge and jury will award punitive damages as well.  Punitive damages are awarded to the injury victim in order to punish the defendant’s egregious conduct and to deter similar conduct by similar companies from happening again. With a strong dedication to providing a superior level of legal representation, we have recovered millions of dollars in settlement awards for our clients. And that is one of the reasons that we are considered to be one of the top lawyers in Rocklin, Martinez, Santa Paula, Lincoln in California. You can call us to get more details about the way we handle claims and lawsuits.

Hire an experienced Lawyer

Anyone who has been injured or made sick by a defective product should consider discussing their options with an experienced lawyer at the BL Personal Injury Attorneys.  You could be entitled to compensation but you will most likely need legal help getting it.  A product liability lawsuit could be your only remedy for your injuries and financial losses.

As the plaintiff in Rocklin, Martinez, Santa Paula, and Lincoln, it’s important to understand who you can sue in a product liability lawsuit.  Basically, any member of the distribution or supply chain could be sued for damages.  For additional information regarding your case, we encourage you to contact the BL Personal Injury Attorneys and schedule a FREE consultation today.