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A Close Look At The Adjuster’s Role In A Personal Injury Claim

Claimants that know very little about the adjuster’s role in the claims process could struggle to deal with that particular employee of the insurance company. Yet that is the goal sought by both the adjusters and their bosses. In other words, the claimant’s knowledge could act as an effective negotiating tool.

The expectations of the adjuster’s superior, the insurer is that the adjuster will spend the least amount of company money possible. This leads to the assumption by the insurance company that the adjuster will settle the claim as quickly as possible

What the insurer does not expect from the adjuster?

A sharing of medical knowledge: Adjusters have no medical training. Still, an adjuster might try to convince a claimant that he or she has gained some special insight into the claimant’s medical problem.

A sharing of legal knowledge: Adjusters have no legal training. Yet, an adjuster might try to convince a claimant that the insurance company did not get the reported claim in a timely manner. Actually, there is no deadline for filing a claim, only for submitting a personal injury claim with the court system.

A huge investment in time and money, in order to investigate the actions of a claimant: Adjusters do not have time for overseeing such investigations. Adjusters’ resources are limited; none of them has the ability to initiate an extensive investigation.

What should remain a mystery to the adjuster during the negotiations?

Of all the adjuster’s questions, at least one should go unanswered, if the claimant hopes to negotiate a fair compensation. This is that question: What does this particular claimant understand, regarding the true worth of his or her claim.

Experienced adjusters know that the figure quoted in the demand letter is no more than an estimate for the claim’s worth. The claimant might not know the true worth. Still claimants can have in their mind the minimum amount of money that they would be willing to accept in one of the adjuster’s offers. That is why it is important to consult with a personal injury lawyer in Martinez.

What amount of authority has been granted to this insurer’s employee (the adjuster)?

Insurers provide their adjusters with the authority to reach an agreement with the claimant in an assigned case. Yet that authority might come with restrictions. Those restrictions center on the amount of money allowed in the package that has been promised to the claimant.

The extent of an adjuster’s experience determines how much money he or she can promise to an assigned claimant. If a claimant seems to deserve a larger compensation, then the insurer must be consulted. That fact helps to underline the reason that all claimants are encouraged to be persistent. Claimants should wait patiently for a promised response to a request or question. Still, it helps to have a date for that same response.