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How A Wrongful Death Lawsuit Works

If you or someone you love has been killed due to someone’s negligence. The loss is devasting, but you can hold the individual who is responsible for your loved one’s death accountable for what they did that caused the loss of life. The common law is still active today and with a personal injury lawyer, you can hold that individual responsible for what happened. While they walked away from the accident, your loved one did not. Lawyers are trained to get justice when things like that happened.

Identify the person responsible for the death

The first thing you want to do is find the individual or company responsible for the death. Negligence to another person can be difficult to prove if you are unsure about who it is that caused the accident. Wrongful death lawsuits can be filed if someone died because of a motor vehicle accident, motor vehicle collision with a pedestrian, a motorcycle accident, truck accident, or car accident. It can also be blamed on toxic chemicals, a criminal act, or a defective product.

Contact a personal injury lawyer in Martinez to determine if you can file a wrongful death lawsuit. The following individuals can file a wrongful death lawsuit:
• Surviving spouse
• Surviving children
• Closest relative

You will want to find an attorney who can handle this type of case because this case is going to bring back all those feelings and emotions of losing someone again. Your attorney will be able to take over the case so you can concentrate more on what happened and healing from it.

Your attorney will start investigating the crash site and what happened before, during, and after the accident occurred. He or she will interview individuals that were there when it happened, officers that responded to the call, emergency medical technicians who provided first aid, and the insurance company who insured the vehicle.

Once a case has been established, your attorney will go to work to build the case and file the necessary paperwork to get you in court and win your case. Their goal is not to settle but to get you the amount of money you deserve.

You will want to pay attention to fast approaching deadlines in order to win your case. If you let the deadline go and not file the paperwork before the deadline, you will not be able to file the case. That is one door that won’t reopen.

Once your case has been filed in court, you will want to work with the attorney to get all the facts straight, fill in any empty spaces so your attorney can represent you and your family without any doubt. Get the information for your attorney when needed or requested in a timely manner so you won’t prevent or slow down the case.