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Will The Statement of Witnesses Support The Claim After Car Accident?

Car accidents are bad enough to experience. After all, they tend to involve substantial bodily injury and property damage. The situation is even worse if the insurance company thinks you were at fault. What do you do in this instance? After the medical aid you receive, call on a personal injury lawyer to assist you through the whole process.

Support innocence claims

Your personal injury lawyer in Martinez must prove that you were not at fault. Your settlement can be substantially reduced or even disappear if the court believes you were partially at fault. You’ll need witnesses to do this. Their testimonies and statements are invaluable because of the minute details they can provide. This includes the speed at which the cars were traveling at the time of the accident. Also, witnesses don’t forget details of the accident scene like the plaintiff and defendant can.

Support claims of guilt

Personal injury lawyers are aware of the fact that witnesses can provide valuable information that will prove the partial or complete guilt of the injured party. This information can be detailed and will substantially help the jury and judge determine if the claimed injuries were indeed a result of the accident. Witness statements can provide details that will help the jury understand the nature of the injured party’s injuries. This will help them determine if the injured party is exaggerating the extent of his or her injuries. This will also help determine if the whiplash injury that the injured party is claiming was caused by the accident really was caused by the accident.

Discredit injury

Your personal injury lawyer will tell you that witness statements act like a double edged sword because while they can prove the injuries the injured party claimed to have sustained, they can also discredit those claims. Their testimonies are objective so they can help determine the real severity and extent of the injuries. For example, their testimony can prove that the broken ankle that the injured party is claiming was indeed only a sprained ankle.

Good vs. Bad witnesses

Some witnesses give testimonies and statements that are more accurate, credible, and reliable than others do. Also, though not common, and though they are not supposed to, witnesses have been known to lie on the stand. This is the case even though they were under an oath of honesty.

Witnesses are the key

Witness testimonies are like gold dust because of the extensive information that is detailed, accurate, and reliable that they can provide in their testimonies. Witness, and especially eye witness, testimonies have been known to ‘make or break’ personal injury lawsuits.